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A thrilling scifi debut from an ex-scientist, fast-paced and well written, making for a great winter's night read. In the first of what is intended to be a series, the Vaus chronicles describes future colonization of a distant planet by humans living in outer space. In a clever commentary on religious tenets, the humans possess advanced technology relative to the native population of the planet, and bioengineer this indigenous species to serve as humanoid slaves in mines, thereby establish themselves as "Gods" of the planet, with the help of willing (and inevitably corrupt) priests. With nods towards populist themes found in savior-based mythologies, including Star Wars and the Matrix, only one of the Vaus humanoids has the ability to overthrow the dictatorial regime, with the help of subversive group of rebel humans who care about equality between these two technologically unequal species. Dominating the sub-plot is the mysterious "Architect", who was originally involved in the colonization, having seen his "creation" perverted by modern humans, and (technologically) reincarnated in 5 avatars, attempts to assist the Vaus rebellion with a unique and potent weapon. The book has fun with wishlist of cool tech toys, tongue-in-cheek humorous banter between friends in the Vaus rebellion, and a budding inter-species romance thrown into the pot for good measure.



Concept A


I chose Concept A. We went through several iterations before finalizing the design.

Here is a glimpse of how the cover art evolved.   

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Terra-transformation of the planet Vaus is nearly complete. Yet, humans choose to live as gods in the space colonies, enslaving Vausians to do the grunt work below. But a fateful encounter between Alethia (human) and Zade (Vausian) sparks hope for Vausian freedom.

Rebels rise against the humans, but General Lander unleashes an army of bioengineered soldiers to obliterate the resistance. Only the legendary sword Divinity, constructed by a mysterious man known as the Architect, can lead the Vausians to victory — if it is found in time. Alethia believes Zade is the one to wield it; but born a cripple, he does not share her confidence. Now, Zade must conquer his doubts and claim the sword. But General Lander will stop at nothing until the power of Divinity is in his hand.

Humans and Vausians. Peace or annihilation. The Architect’s true intent and Divinity’s real purpose. The fight for Vausian independence has just begun.

I worked with graphic designers at Damonza.com to generate my book cover. Based on a short description of my book, they generated two concept designs. 


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​​Cover Art History: 

Concept B