Concept A

I worked with graphic designers at to generate my book cover. Based on a short description of my book, they generated two concept designs. 

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I chose Concept A. We went through several iterations before finalizing the design.

Here is a glimpse of how the cover art evolved.   

Hershel Byne is a math teacher. He loves to teach the concept of infinity but has never pondered the prospect of eternal life with God. Now, his life is about to get cut short. Pascal’s Wager tells him to take God’s hand, but like Schrödinger's cat, the true nature of the afterlife remains uncertain until it’s too late.

Heartbroken and angry, he enters Heaven but is unable to let go of his past. Against the advice of many, he peers into the world of the living and finds his daughter in trouble. To save her, he needs God’s help, but only the Enlightened can reach the Almighty. 

Eternal White is a fast-paced, emotional, thought-provoking journey of an agnostic man. What awaits him in the end? Eternal peace, damnation, or oblivion?

Concept B

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